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1- Anamnesis*, evaluation of your needs

2- Energy balance** and care

3- Personalized tips and exercices


At the first appointment, this is the time to exchange informations about you and your needs. We create a relationship of mutual trust indispensable to meet your demands. This is so that your care is effective and adapted to you and your personal and professional living conditions.


You will be asked to actively participate during and after each shiatsu session. During, by voluntary breathing more or less deep, the tensioning of muscle groups with the accompaniment of the therapist. Then, by putting in place the advice and exercises that are proposed to you at the end of the session. It is with new habits that you will regain a balanced physical and emotional state.

* The following sessions, all the points of the history are not taken again. The therapist will have taken the necessary steps to study and integrate the information you have given him.
** To obtain a maximum of information and to preserve the precision of the feeling, the balance is carried out either on the belly, the back or both zones.
** For pregant women or anyone who does not want to touch the abdominal area, the check-up is done on the back.






Average length a session : 15 min discussion and stretching + 1h treatment

Thank you for arriving 5 min before tour appointment for the comfort of all

Bring supple and comfortable clothes

Grants, if possible, a rest after your session



  • Physical, mental, emotional asthenia
  • Cervicalgia, dorsalgia, lumbago, sciatica
  • Muscular pain and tension, stiff neck, tendonitis


  • Stress, anxiety, nervousness, headache, migraines, insomnia
  • Mood, sleep, digestive, respiratory disorders
  • Pregnancy related disorders
Tonification du point 6 Rate-Pancréas au bas de la jambe – Richard Casseron

Toning of the 6 Spleen-Pancreas

Dispersion des points 17 et 16 du Triple Réchauffeur – Richard Casseron

Dispersion of points 17 and 16 of Triple Heater

Technique de Ho-Sha en main pleine - Richard Casseron

Ho-Sha technique in full hand




What I like about Shiatsu and Richard’s approach is the quality of his touch, which is both precise and reassuring, allowing for in-depth work and the treatment of imbalances. During the two sessions I received, I always felt listened to in my requests. And at the end of the sessions, it is the pleasure to taste each time a great relaxation. The following days, this feeling of harmony and physical and mental fluidity continues to be felt. Thanks Richard for your genuine care.

Fanny. F, 30 years old.

Thanks Richard for the shiatsu sessions we exchanged. I appreciated your presence and your anchoring during the sessions, your frank pressure for a shiatsu which was rather firm and your willingness to meet the expectations of your customers.

Laure. V, 37 years old.



I do a lot of sports and we all live with certain professional and personal tensions. The shiatsu allowed me to regain balance and relaxation both physically and morally by gestures, listening to Richard’s small ailments of my body. Care and advice, which at first seems far from what can be expected, are appropriate. With time, the shiatsu brings you a quality, a blossoming and a rebalancing of yourself. Thanks Richard.


Pascal. A, 50 years old.

Intensive sport is part of my daily life. The sessions of Richard had positive repercussions in the long term on my recurrent lower back pain. Less pain and more flexibility where it was missing. I now adopt postures adapted to my morphology.

Jean Philippe. B, 44 years old.