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 Michel Paolillo


Seï-Shidoin Shintaïdo Instructor

1st Dan Shintaïdo Karaté and Bô-jutsu

Shodan Kenbu

Tenshinkaï Japan member

Teacher in the field of restoration
  Born in 1961 – France

The opening, an essential form of Tenshintaido


It is by opening on Japan that I was able to study this discipline in various forms. It is by pursuing this dynamic of openness that I join you in Canada to develop the Dairokkan structure.

The practice of Tenshintaido is constantly evolving. We can discover it, maintain it, evolve it by another form of Shintaido, more internalized. It is by practicing that we will discover the various facets of our potential.

Let us meet, study, share: the development engine of any practice, however humble it may be.

Three key points



The first goal of Tenshintaido is to make the body and mind completely supple, fluid and relaxed.

In a second stage, we develop the amplitude of the forms and movements through which we express our life force and talents.

Many exercises can open the body (hips, belly, chest, hands). Regular practice of Tenshintaido develops a spirit of openness to life, to oneself and to others.

Looking forward to practice together.


I studied Shintaido for 10 years with Okada Mitsuru Sensei, a founding member of Shintaido. When I came back to France in 2004, I created the association Shintaido Ocean, which became Tenshintaido Ocean in 2018.

It’s been 15 years since I taught this art of movement. My teachings are constantly evolving too, so I devote part of my time to the study of Kenbu, an integrated and emerging saber practice of Tenshintaido. I teach in France, in the city of Nantes. We practice twice a week and organize 2 annual courses with the members of the association. This regularity makes us grow constantly, in the joy and respect of everyone. I try to put this practice into my culinary teaching.

In parallel, for 5 years, I develop with Anne-Claire Barroux, a practice adapted to children accompanied by their teachers in schools and colleges.

Richard has been studying with me since 2011. We want to develop Tenshintaido in Canada, specifically in Victoria, British Columbia, where he settled in 2019. Together, we will learn how to put our practice into practice, daily then our daily life in our practice. Here is the meaning I would like to give to our study.


“We learn to grow and naturally, we give back our best, that’s what to study,” Michel