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Victoria Therapeutic Shiatsu Care


To observe universal laws shed light on our consciousness and its purpose. The principles of interdependence and symbiosis seem to us primary for a life in harmony with our earthly environment.

In this state of awakening, intuition (Dairokkan in Japanese) and sensitivity are refined, altruism and compassion unfold. The unity between mind, body and soul become a source of profound fullness.

At the dawn of the XXII century, it is essential for our development to reconnect with our energy, biomechanical and cerebral resources. Our natural capacities thus reappropriated, we live our full physical, mental, spiritual and social equilibrium.

Point de pression, shiatsu

Shiatsu is a manual therapy that is defined as a method of preventive care based on the stimulation of natural processes of self-healing. Shiatsu is a holistic health art from Japan.

In 1997, the european comission identified shiatsu as one of the eight methods of complementary medecine. In 2012, Richard Casseron and Michel Paolillo create Dairokkan Shiatsu for a recognition of shiatsu and shintaido as disciplines of interest for health.

Richard is based in Victoria, Canada (BC) and Michel in Nantes, France.