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Richard Casseron - Praticien de Shiatsu Thérapeutique à Montréal (Québec)

Richard Casseron


Therapeutic Shiatsu Practitioner

3td kyu Shintaïdo

Registered Shiatsu Therapist, RST BC

Specialized in postural dynamics

Founder of the methodology Synergy of the 5 forms®

Scientist training in the field of human health
Born in 1975 – France

Former collaborator in research and development for 10 years for French Research Institutes (INSERM, CNRS, IFREMER) and pharmaceutical companies. I was an assistant engineer in the strate of biotecnology applied to the field of human health.

In 2009, I rediscovered the traditional oriental arts after practicing Kendo a few years before. My professional and personnal activity has since been devoted to the study and practice of shiatsu, shintaïdo and meditation. Self-taught, I am creative and sensitive being. Passionate abour the art of living, I help with deep sincerity those who wish to live in harmony with herself. It is through self-transformation that we find our way of life, the courage to let go of what we don’t want, the will to let ourselves be invaded by these human qualities of acceptance, trust, joy, generosity, empathy …, to live in harmony with our partner, our children, our friends ans colleagues. To know oneself is to measure one’s strenght and nourish them with humility. It is admitting its weaknesses and caring for it with love.

In 2001, I began an inner transformation that gradually guided me along the path of humanism. A long and sometimes difficult way. Several times I wanted leaved. But life has always rewarded me for my efforts. She was responsible for running the experiments ans meeting the right people at the right time. I learn to trust him and to enjoy this life here and now, to use my energy to build. Nature, life food and movement revive me. Observation, listening and emptiness inspire me.

I hope to meet you.


First collaboration in 2009 with the fire brigade of the fire and rescue center (CIS) of Carquefou. This trustful cooperation will be maintained for 4 years. In 2011, I started my activity as an amma massage practitioner in Nantes companies. In 2012, I created Dairokkan Shiatsu for the development and recognition of shiatsu and shintaïdo as practices of interests for health. I obtain my certificate of Practitioner in Shiatsu in 2013 from the FFST and associate me with Véronique Debar, Reflexologist certified FFR, in Nantes. In September 2014, I moved to Montreal and obtained the title of Massage Therapist approved by the FQM. In 2015, I partner with the “Street SPA” to provide care for homeless people in Montreal. New collaboration in 2016 with Dr Mona Nasreddine, Chiropractor. In 2019, I moved to Victoria, in British Columbia.

Since 2017, I develop a methodology to enhance people’s well-being.

Why ? I have the deep conviction :

  • the diversity of our life experiences promotes fulfillment ans reduces stress,
  • blossoming is the result of our ability to exploit all our psychic, physical and energy resources,
  • the harmonization of our resources is linked to our knowledge of our values system and our ability to live our sense of belonging. It is when our convictions join those of the people and activities in which we are involved that we blossom in the most beautiful way.


2019 - Registered Shiatsu Therapist STABC - CANADA (BC)

Registered Shiatsu Therapist by the Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia (STABC), Burnaby (BC) – Canada

2014 - Registered Massage Therapist FQM - CANADA (QC)

Registered Massage Therapist by the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes (FQM), Montréal (QC) – Canada

Shiatsu attestation

2013 - Certified Shiatsu Practitioner FFST - FRANCE

Certified Shiatsu Practitioner by the French Federation of Shiatsu Traditional (FFST), Paris – France

    • Curriculum of 4 years of study at the school ot Touch, Nantes – France
    • 1100 hours of training in Zen Shiatsu et Shinsoku Shiatsu, under the teaching of Christophe Davy et Maëlla Caro
    • 250 sessions of shiatsu given to the fire brigade of the CIS of Carquefou – France


2011 - Certified Massage Amma Practitioner FEDEFMA - FRANCE

Certified Amma Massage Practitioner by the French Federation of Seated Massage, Paris – France

    • 300 hours of theoretical and practical training
    • More than 200 sessions with employees of companies, Nantes – France


2010 - Shintaïdo Practitioner

Study and practice of the Shintaïdo under the main teaching of Michel Paolillo

  • 2016 : 3rd kyu, awarded by Michel Paolillo and Christian Foulon, Bonnoeuvre – France
  • 2014 to 2015 : president of the Shintaïdo Océan Association, Nantes – France
  • 2013 : 4th kyu, awarded by Michel Paolillo and Raphaël Weill, Vichy – France
  • 2012 : 5th kyu, awaeded by Michel Paolillo and Raphaël Weill, Toulon – France

1997 - Assistant Engineer

Graduate of the National School of Chemistry, Physics and Biology of Paris

  • BTS of biotechnologie, Paris – France
  • Baccalauréat of Biochemistry,Paris – France